also see X220 and Why FreeBSD

ZFS 4k disk

gpart create -s gpt ada5

gpart add -a 4k -t freebsd-zfs -l backup06 ada5

gnop create -S 4096 /dev/gpt/backup06

zpool create backup06 /dev/gpt/backup06.nop

zfs set compression=lz4 backup06


fresh install run time: 5h00


echo "hw.syscons.bell=0" >> /etc/sysctl.conf


Power Saving FreeBSD 11 on a thankpad t420

Tuning Power Consumption

X220 FreeBSD 10.2 (disappeared) FreeBSD X230 settings



{{{ 13:44 @koobs geier_: if it builds with it, its compatible, technically :) 13:44 @koobs geier_: but you’re right. unit tests support in the port would help 13:46 < geier_> koobs: I’ll have a look at enabling the unit tests later this week 13:47 @koobs geier_: if upstream have test_suite defined in it should be as easy as do-test: cd ${WRKSRC} && \({PYTHON_CMD} \){PYDISTUTILS_SETUP} test 13:47 < geier_> no, we haven’t defined that 13:49 @koobs you’re upstream? 13:49 @koobs \o/ 13:49 < geier_> part of 13:49 @koobs tests_require & test_suite. if your test module returns a Unittest class, then its good to go with the standard runner 13:49 @koobs even if you use py-test, nose / tox for tests 13:50 @koobs geier_: but seriouslky, just tests_require & test_suite, and people will love you :) 13:50 @koobs oo, you has test cov reports 13:51 @koobs 55340 downloads in the last month }}}

Running combinations with poudriere:

on patches, example: testport: OK (93adm64, 11i386, with/without OPTIONFOO)

deal with bugzilla from cli: