Software Ideas

Feel free to fix any of these

  • Plain text spreadsheeting Basically a table which can contain some formulas, formulas get evaluated Can be used for something like vimwiki, where evaluation results get shown in the converted version or also in place if not in editing mode (as are links) Steps

    • Parse table into cells
    • detect formulas and cells used in formulas
    • generate DAG (and make sure its acyclic)
    • Evaluate cells in DAG
      • Parse cell code
      • Evaluate formula
  • Syntax options:

    • python
    • excel like
    • own DSL
  • Fix screenkey, nice small python projects, but seems pretty bug ridden on current debian and ubuntu

  • Tool for creating icalendars out of text (email, pdf, etc), like e.g. Apple Mail does it (pretty complicated, keyword: information extraction, temporal tagger, temporal tagging; potential building blocks

  • Fix editmoin Moinmoin cli editing tool (does not work for me ATM)

  • ZFS slider tool like this