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Owning Web Applications with Majesty

I skipped uni today and went to an very interesting lecture on penetration testing at the uni Aachen today. This realy did motivate me to do some more hacking, espicially on the mac myself. My plan is to first have a look at Rendevouz, the MacHackers meeting on Monday is probably a good place to start witht it.

Another question: why does the uni Aachen has so cool lectures? There even is hacker practical, summer (hacking) school and a lecture this semester which's working title was, according to Mr. Dornseif, who held today's lecture. "Owning Web Applications witch Majesty" (it's listed in the "Vorlesungsverzeichnis" as something like "Applied Web Applications Security"). If there's anything like that in Bonn, I've never heard of it, I just heard of some more theoretical lectures about some defensive stuff...

Looks like "Informatik" in Aachen would be a good alternative to physics in Bonn. But I still don't want to be an Computer Scientist when I'm finished ("Informatiker sounds even worse")...

You can get the presentation as a pdf from here http://md.hudora.de/presentations/