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not released yet

  • only dateutil < 2.7 is supported
  • NEW DEPENDENCY added click_log >= 0.2.0
  • NEW DEPENDENCY for Python 3.4: typing
  • UPDATED DEPENDENCY icalendar>=4.03
  • DROPPED support for Python 3.3
  • vdirsyncer is still a test dependency (and always has been)
  • FIX ordinal numbers in birthday entries (before, all number would end on th)
  • FIX search will no longer break on overwritten events with a master event
  • FIX when using short dates, khal infers that you meant next year, when date is before today
  • FIX Check for multi_uid .ics files in vdirs and don’t import those events (All .ics files in vdirs should only contain VEVENTS with the same UID.)
  • CHANGE only searched configuration file paths are now $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/khal/config and $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/khal/khal.conf (deprecated)
  • CHANGE removed default command
  • CHANGE default date/time formats to be the system’s locale’s formats
  • CHANGE --verbose flag to --verbosity, allowing finer granularity
  • CHANGE search will now print one line for every different event in a recurrence set, that is one line for the master event, and one line for every different overwritten event
  • CHANGE khal learned to read .ics files with nonsenscial TZOFFSETs > 24h and prints a warning
  • CHANGE better error message for a specific kind of invalid config file
  • NEW khal learned the --logfile/-l LOGFILE flag which allows logging to a file
  • NEW format can now print the duration of an event with {duration}
  • NEW configuration option: [view]monthdisplay = firstday|firstfullweek, if set to ‘firstday’, khal displays the month name as soon as any day in the week is within the new month. If set to ‘firstfullweek’, khal displays the month name only if the first day of the week is within the new month.
  • NEW ikhal learned to show log messages in the header and in a new log pane, access with default keybinding L
  • NEW python 3.7 is now officially supported.
  • NEW configuration option [[per_calendar]]priority = int (default 10). If multiple calendars events are on the same day, the day will be colored with the color of the calendar with highest priority. If multiple calendars have the same highest priority, it falls back to the previous system.


released 2017-10-05

  • FIX a bug in ikhal: when editing events and not editing the dates, the end time could erroneously be moved to the start time + 1h


released 2017-09-15

  • FIX don’t crash when editing events with datetime UNTIL properties


released 2017-06-13

  • FIX set PRODID to khal/icalendar
  • FIX don’t crash on updated vcards
  • FIX checking for RRULEs we understand
  • FIX after editing an event in ikhal, make sure both the calendar and the eventcolumn are focused on the new date
  • FIX no more crashes if only one event which is an overwritten instance is present in an .ics file
  • FIX .ics files containing only overwritten instances are not expanded anymore, even if they contain a RRULE or RDATE
  • FIX valid UNTIL entry for recurring datetime events
  • CHANGE the symbol used for indicating a recurring event now has a space in front of it, also the ascii version changed to (R)
  • CHANGE birthdays on leap 29th of February are shown on 1st of March in non-leap years
  • NEW import and printics will read from stdin if not filename(s) are provided.
  • NEW new entry points recommended for packagers to use.
  • NEW support keyword yesterday for querying and creating events


released 2017-04-08

  • FIX khal new -i does not crash anymore
  • FIX make tests run with latest pytz (2017.2)


released 2017-03-30

  • FIX ikhal’s event editor now warns before allowing to edit recurrence rules it doesn’t understand
  • CHANGE improved the initial configuration wizard
  • CHANGE improved ikhal’s light color scheme
  • NEW ikhal’s event editor now allows better editing of recurrence rules, including INTERVALs, end dates, and more
  • NEW ikhal will now check if any configured vdir has been updated, and, if applicable, refresh its UI to reflect the latest changes


released 2017-03-06

  • FIX list (and commands based on it like calendar, at, and search) crashed if –notstarted was given and allday events were found (introduced in 0.9.2)
  • FIX list –notstarted (and commands based on it) would show events only on the first day of their occurrence and not on all further days
  • FIX configure would crash if neither “import config from vdirsyncer” nor “create locale vdir” was selected
  • FIX at will now show an error message if a date instead of a datetime is given
  • FIX at’s default header will now show the datetime queried for (instead of just the date)
  • FIX validate vdir metadata in color files
  • FIX show the actually configured keybindings in ikhal
  • NEW khal will now show cancelled events with a big CANCELLED in front (can be configured via event formatting)
  • NEW ikhal supports editing an event’s raw icalendar content in an external editor ($EDITOR), default keybinding is alt + shift + e. Only use this, if you know what you are doing, the icalendar library we use doesn’t do a lot of validation, it silently disregards most invalid data.


released 2017-02-13

  • FIX if weekstart != 0 ikhal would show wrong weekday names
  • FIX allday events added with khal new DATE TIMEDELTA (e.g., 2017-01-18 3d) were lasting one day too long
  • FIX no more crashes when using timezones that have a constant UTC offset (like UTC itself)
  • FIX updated outdated zsh completion file
  • FIX display search results for events with neither DTEND nor DURATION
  • FIX display search results that are all-day events
  • in ikhal, update the date-titles on date change
  • FIX printing a new event’s path if [default] print_new = path
  • FIX width of calendar in khal calendar was off by two if locale.weeknumbers was set to “right”
  • CHANGED default agenda_day_format to include the actual date of the day
  • NEW configuration option: [view]dynamic_days = True, if set to False, ikhal’s right column behaves similar as it did in 0.8.x


released 2017-01-25

  • FIX detecting not understood timezone information failed on python 3.6, this may lead to erroneous offsets in start and end times for those events, as those datetimes were treated as if they were in the system’s local time, not as if they are in the (possibly) configured default_timezone.
  • python 3.6 is now officially supported


released 2017-01-24

Dependency Changes

  • vdirsyncer isn’t a hard dependency any more

Bug Fixes

  • fixed various bugs in configure
  • fix bug in new that surfaces when date(time)format does contain a year
  • fix bug in import that allows importing into read-only and/or non-default calendar
  • fix how color discovered in calendars

Backwards Incompatibilities

  • calendar path is now a glob without recursion for discover, if your calendars are no longer found, please consult the documentation (Taylor Money)
  • at command now works like list with a timedelta of 0m, this means that at will no longer print events that end at exactly the time asked for (Taylor Money)
  • renamed agenda to list (Taylor Money)
  • removed days configuration option in favor of timedelta, see documentation for details (Taylor Money)
  • configuration file path $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/khal/config is now supported and $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/khal/khal.conf deprecated
  • ikhal: introduction of three different new frame styles, new allowed values for [view] frame are False, width, color, top (with default False), True isn’t allowed any more, please provide feedback over the usual channels if and which of those you consider useful as some of those might be removed in future releases (Christian Geier)
  • removed configuration variable encoding (in section [locale]), the correct locale should now be figured out automatically (Markus Unterwaditzer)
  • events that start and end at the same time are now displayed as if their duration was one hour instead of one day (Guilhem Saurel)


  • (nearly) all commands allow formatting of how events are printed with –format, also see the new configuration options event_format, agenda_event_format, agenda_day_format (Taylor Money)
  • support for categories (and add -g flag for khal new) (Pierre David)
  • search results are now sorted by start date (Taylor Money)
  • added command edit, which also allows deletion of events (Taylor Money)
  • new has interactive option (Taylor Money)
  • import can now import multiple files at once (Christian Geier)


  • BUGFIX no more crashing if invalid date is entered and mini-calendar displayed
  • make keybinding for quitting configurable, defaults to q and Q, escape only backtracks to last pane but doesn’t exit khal anymore (Christian Geier)
  • default keybinding changed: tab no longer shows details of focused events and does not open the event editor either (Christian Geier)
  • right column changed, it will now show as many days/events as fit, if users move to another date (while the event column is in focus), that date should be highlighted in the calendar (Christian Geier)
  • cursor indicates which element is selected


released 2016-10-06

  • IMPORTANT BUGFIX fixed a bug that lead to imported events being erroneously shifted if they had a timezone identifier that wasn’t an Olson database identifier. All users are advised to upgrade as soon as possible. To see if you are affected by this and how to resolve any issues, please see the release announcement (khal/doc/source/news/khal084.rst or Thanks to Wayne Werner for finding and reporting this bug.


released 2016-08-28

  • fixed some bugs in the test suite on different operating systems
  • fixed a check for icalendar files containing RDATEs


released on 2016-05-16

  • fixed some bugs in configure that would lead to invalid configuration files and crashes (Christian Geier)
  • fixed detecting of icalendar version (Markus Unterwaditzer)


released on 2016-04-13

  • fix bug in CalendarWidget.set_focus_date() (Christian Geier)


released on 2016-04-13

  • BREAKING CHANGE: python 2 is no longer supported (Hugo Osvaldo Barrera)
  • updated dependency: vdirsyncer >= 0.5.2
  • make tests work with icalendar 3.9.2 (no functional changes) (Christian Geier)
  • new dependency: freezegun (only for running the tests)
  • khal’s git repository moved to
  • support for showing the birthday of contacts with no FN property (Hugo Osvaldo Barrera)
  • increased start up time when coloring is enabled (Christian Geier)
  • improved color support (256 colors and 24-bit colors), see configuration documentation for details (Sebastian Hamann)
  • renamed color grey to gray (Sebastian Hamann)
  • in khal new treat 24:00 as the end of a day/00:00 of the next (Christian Geier)
  • new allowed value for a calendar’s color: auto (also the new default), if set, khal will try to read a file called color from that calendar’s vdir (see vdirsyncer’s documentation on metasync). If that file is not present or its contents is not understood, the default color will be used (Christian Geier)
  • new allowed value for calendar’s type: discover, if set, khal will (recursively) search that calendar’s path for valid vdirs and add those to the configured calendars (Christian Geier)
  • new command configure which should help new users set up a configuration file (Christian Geier)
  • warn user when parsing broken icalendar files, this requires icalendar > 3.9.2 (Christian Geier)
  • khal will now strip all ANSI escape codes when it detects that stdout is no tty, this behaviour can be overwritten with the new options –color/ –no-color (Markus Unterwaditzer)
  • calendar and agenda have a new option –week, if set all events from current week (or the week containing the given date) are shown (Stephan Weller)
  • new option –alarm DURATION for new (Max Voit)


  • basic export of events from event editor pane and from event lists (default keybinding: e) (Filip Pytloun)
  • pressing enter in a date editing widget will now open a small calendar widget, arrow keys can be used to select a date, enter (or escape) will close it again (Christian Geier)
  • in highlight/date range selection mode the other end can be selected, default keybinding o (as in Other) (Christian Geier)
  • basic search is now supported (default keybinding /) (Christian Geier)
  • in the event editor and pop-up Dialogs select the next (previous) item with tab (shift tab) (Christian Geier)
  • only allow saving when starttime < endtime (Christian Geier)
  • the event editor now allows editing of alarms (but khal will not actually alarm you at the given time) (Johannes Wienke)


released on 2015-11-24

There are no new or dropped dependencies.

  • most of the internal representation of events was rewritten, the current benefit is that floating events are properly represented now, hopefully more is to come (Christian Geier)
  • printformats uses a more sensible date now (John Shea)
  • khal and ikhal can now highlight dates with events, at the moment, enabling it does noticably slow down (i)khal’s start; set [default] highlight_event_days = True and see section [highlight_days] for further configuration (Dominik Joe Pantůček)
  • fixed line wrapping for at (Thomas Schape)
  • calendar and agenda optionally print location and description of all events, enable with the new –full/-f flag (Thomas Schaper)
  • updated and improved zsh completion file (Oliver Kiddle)
  • FIX: deleting events did not always work if an event with the same filename existed in another calendar (but no data lost incurred) (Christian Geier)


  • events are now displayed nicer (Thomas Glanzmann)
  • support for colorschemes, a light and dark one are currently included, help is wanted to make them prettier and more functional (config option [view] theme: (dark|light)) (Christian Geier)
  • ikhal can now display frames around some user interface elements, making it nicer to look at in some eyes (config option [view] frame: True) (Christian Geier)
  • events can now be duplicated (default keybinding: p) (Christian Geier)
  • events created while time ranges are selected (default keybinding to enable date range selection: v) will default to that date range (Christian Geier)
  • when trying to delete recurring events, users are now asked if they want to delete the complete event or just this instance (Christian Geier)



  • BUGFIX Recurrent events with a THISANDFUTURE parameter could affect other events. This could lead to events not being found by the normal lookup functionality when they should and being found when they shouldn’t. As the second case should result in an error that nobody reported yet, I hope nobody got bitten by this.
  • new dependency for running the tests: freezegun
  • new dependency for setup from scm: setuptools_scm
  • khal now needs to be installed for building the documentation
  • ikhal’s should now support ctrl-e, ctrl-a, ctrl-k and ctrl-u in editable text fields (Thomas Glanzmann)
  • ikhal: space and backspace are new (additional) default keybindings for right and left (Pierre David)
  • when editing descriptions you can now insert new lines (Thomas Glanzmann)
  • khal should not choose an arbitrary default calendar anymore (Markus Unterwaditzer)
  • the zsh completion file has been updated (Hugo Osvaldo Barrera)
  • new command import lets users import .ics files (Christian Geier)
  • khal should accept relative dates on the command line (today, tomorrow and weekday names) (Christian Geier)
  • keybinding for saving an event from ikhal’s event editor (default is meta + enter) (Christian Geier)


released on 2015-06-01

  • fixed several bugs relating to events with unknown timezones but UNTIL, RDATE or EXDATE properties that are in Zulu time (thanks to Michele Baldessari for reporting those)
  • bugfix: on systems with a local time of UTC-X dealing with allday events lead to crashes
  • bugfix: British summer time is recognized as daylight saving time (Bradley Jones)
  • compatibility with vdirsyncer 0.5
  • new command search allows searching for events
  • user changeable keybindings in ikhal, with hjkl as default alternatives for arrows in calendar browser, see documentation for more details
  • new command at shows all events scheduled for a specific datetime
  • support for reading birthdays from vcard collections (set calendar/collection type to birthdays)
  • new command printformats prints a fixed date in all configured date-time settings
  • new now supports the –until/-u flag to specify until when recurring events should run (Micah Nordland)
  • python 3 (>= 3.3) support (Hugo Osvaldo Barrera)


  • minimal support for reccurring events in ikhal’s editor (Micah Nordland)
  • configurable view size in ikhal (Bradley Jones)
  • show events organizers (Bradley Jones)
  • major reorganisation of ikhal layout (Markus Unterwaditzer)


released on 2015-02-02

dependency changes

  • new dependency: click>3.2
  • removed dependency: docopt
  • note to package mantainers: requirements.txt has been removed, dependencies are still listed in

note to users

  • users will need to delete the local database, no data should be lost (and khal will inform the user about this)

new and changed features

  • new config_option: [default] print_new, lets the user decide what should be printed after adding a new event
  • new config option: [default] show_all_days lets users decide if they want to see days without any events in agenda and calendar view (thanks to Pierre David)
  • khal (and ikhal) can now display weeknumbers
  • khal new can now create repetitive events (with –repeat), see documentation (thanks to Eric Scheibler)
  • config file: the debug option has been removed (use khal -v instead)
  • FIX: vtimezones were not assembled properly, this lead to spurious offsets of events in some other calendar applications
  • change in behaviour: recurring events are now always expanded until 2037
  • major speedup in inserting events into the caching database, especially noticeable when running khal for the first time or after a deleting the database (Thanks to Markus Unterwaditzer)
  • better support for broken events, e.g. events ending before they start (Thanks to Markus Unterwaditzer)
  • more recurrence rules are supported, khal will print warnings on unsupported rules


  • ikhal’s calendar should now be filled on startup
  • pressing t refocuses on today
  • pressing ctrl-w in input fields should delete the last word before the cursor
  • when the focus is set on the events list/editor, the current date should still be visible in the calendar


released on 2014-09-08

  • FIX: events deleted in the vdir are not shown anymore in khal. You might want to delete your local database file, if you have deleted any events on the server.
  • FIX: in some cases non-ascii characters were printed even if unicode_symbols is set to False in the config
  • FIX: events with different start and end timezones are now properly exported (the end timezone was disregarded when building an icalendar, but since timezones cannot be edited anyway, this shouldn’t have caused any problems)
  • FIX: calendars marked as read-only in the configuration file should now really be read-only


released on 2014-09-03

  • new unified documentation
    • html documentation (website) and man pages are all generated from the same sources via sphinx (type make html or make man in doc/, the result will be build in build/html or build/man respectively)
    • the new documentation lives in doc/
    • the package sphinxcontrib-newsfeed is needed for generating the html version (for generating an RSS feed)
    • the man pages live doc/build/man/, they can be build by running make man in doc/sphinx/
  • new dependencies: configobj, tzlocal>=1.0
  • IMPORTANT: the configuration file’s syntax changed (again), have a look at the new documentation for details
  • local_timezone and default_timezone will now be set to the timezone the computer is set to (if they are not set in the configuration file)