pyCardDAV v0.3.3 released

Fri 27 January 2012

pyCardDAV v0.3.3 is now released.

New pyCardDAV now features sabredav/owncloud support, thanks to Davide Gerhard for this.

It also fixes a bug where properties with no type parameters were not printed and a database bug.

The config file has a new entry (davserver) which you can set to either davical or sabredav (depending on your CardDAV server).

Plans for the Future: The source code has been cleaned up quite a bit (nearly every line of code has been touched) and some features have been added. Write support is nearly finished in the backend (but will probably not be included in the next release yet), but the frontend is still really buggy and a pain to use. If you want to have a look, check the repository out at github and check the branch write_support (but it might be broken).