Wed 05 April 2017

pyCardDAV is dead

As you may have noticed, development of pyCardDAV has been dormant for some time and I herewith declare it officially dead. While I always wanted to rewrite it on top of vdir, I lack the time to do it (and all hacking time I found was spent on khal). A good alternative seems to be khard.

As I still use pyCardDAV myself, I will still fix bugs against Davical for the foreseeable future, but don't expect anything else.

Wed 05 February 2014

pyCardDAV v0.7.0 released

pyCardDAV v0.7.0 has been released.

  • New searching in the vcard chooser when merging addresses (press '/')
  • New nice speedup in pc_query, thanks to Leandro Lucarella
  • New better support for broken vcards
  • New auto creating missing db directories
  • New more bugfixes

Fri 13 December 2013

pycarddav and khal at 30c3

If you will be 30C3 and would like to discuss the faults and merits of khal or pycarddav, commandline calendaring/addressbooking in general, your ideas or just have a beer or mate, I'd love to meet up. You can find my contact details under Feedback.

Mon 25 November 2013

pyCardDAV v0.6.0 released

pyCardDAV v0.6.0 has been released. This is mostly bugfix release (thanks to Jamie McClelland for fixing two bugs), but also introduces keyring support (thanks to Steven Allen). Have a look at the README for further information on keyring support.

Also new are man pages for pycardsyncer, pc_query and pycard-import which you might want to distribute if you are a package maintainer. Please also report any bugs you find there (including, but not limited to unclear wording, spelling and grammatical errors or "not doing it the right way").

As usual I didn't have time to implement any of the planned features for pyCardDAV (and as you can see most work was done by others) as khal has taken most of the free programming time I had.

Update Since I forgot to include those man pages in the release, I have just released a new version v0.6.1 that should include the man pages in doc/man/.

Mon 02 September 2013

pyCardDAV v0.5.1 released

pyCardDAV v0.5.1 has been released. This is a bugfix release, if pyCardDAV is working fine for you, there is no reason to upgrade.

Also, pyCardDAV is also available on Debian now.

If you are interested in a CalDAV based CLI calendar application, you might want to check out khal, but beware, it is still in a very early stage.

Sat 15 June 2013

pyCardDAV v0.5.0 released

New This release brings support for multiple CardDAV accounts. See the usage instructions, the supplied example config and/or pc_query --help. Also support for more CardDAV servers is included. If you are upgrading, you need to delete the local database, otherwise pyCardDAV will refuse to work.

Attention In accordance with RFC 6352 all VCards that are imported or changed by pyCadDAV will automatically get a random UID (if they haven't one already), as some CardDAV servers, e.g. Owncloud require these.

Download pyCardDAV v0.5.0, you can also install it via pip or easy_install from pypi.

Thu 28 March 2013

pyCardDAV v0.4.1 released

pyCardDAV v0.4.1 has been released. This is a bugfix release, if pyCardDAV is working fine for you, there is no reasen to upgrade. There should be no need to delete the database.

Also, pyCardDAV is available on pypi now.

Thu 15 November 2012

pyCardDAV v0.4 released

pyCardDAV v0.4 is released. This is a mayor rewrite (again), so some previously fixed bugs might be back in. If your upgrading, you should delete your database file first.

Update fixed the downlaod link.

On the plus side, there are some new features in pyCardDAV:

  • New experimental write support in the backend
  • New import & export vCards
  • New import addresses directly from mutt
  • New speed increase in (initial) sync due to switching from pycurl to requests
  • New detects removed cards on server and delete them locally
  • New can delete cards locally and then on server

Also the license has changed to MIT/Expat, see the COPYING file for details (but a beer is still appreciated).

PyCurl is not required anymore, pyCardDAV relies on requests now (which needs to be installed).

Special thanks to David Soulayrol who made a lot of this happen.

Attention please make sure you have a backup when you enable write support, see Usage for more details.

Tue 07 August 2012

pyCardDAV v0.3.4 released

pyCardDAV v0.3.4 is now released. This release fixes a bug that prevented pycarddav to sync with the latest versions of davical (>1.1).

Thu 19 April 2012

Status Update Spring 2012

Write support is still not finished, some other tasks used up most of my time (mostly work). But while it's not finished yet, editing and uploading cards is working pretty well for me at the moment. So, in case someone wants to test write support, I have set up a new branch called beta into which I will pull versions that have no (major) known bugs. You can check out this branch as follows:

git clone -b beta

If you stumble upon any bugs not mentioned in todo.rst, please let me now. Please backup your data BEFORE testing any of this!

But while I didn't finish write support, I created a new website for pyCardDAV, with the help of pelican and bootstrap. The new site features an atom feed for all news regarding pyCardDAV and one that only informs about new releases.

Also pycarddav's URL has changed (but the old download links will continue to work). SSL is now available, too.

Fri 27 January 2012

pyCardDAV v0.3.3 released

pyCardDAV v0.3.3 is now released.

New pyCardDAV now features sabredav/owncloud support, thanks to Davide Gerhard for this.

It also fixes a bug where properties with no type parameters were not printed and a database bug.

The config file has a new entry (davserver) which you can set to either davical or sabredav (depending on your CardDAV server).

Plans for the Future: The source code has been cleaned up quite a bit (nearly every line of code has been touched) and some features have been added. Write support is nearly finished in the backend (but will probably not be included in the next release yet), but the frontend is still really buggy and a pain to use. If you want to have a look, check the repository out at github and check the branch write_support (but it might be broken).

Fri 06 January 2012

pyCardDAV v0.3.2 is now released

pyCardDAV v0.3.2 is now released. This is a minor bugfix update, db deleting should not be necessary. If everything is working fine at the moment, there is no need to upgrade.

Fri 06 January 2012

pyCardDAV v0.3.1 released

pyCardDAV v0.3.1 is now released.

This bugfix release fixes some bugs on Debian and a formatting bug (thanks to Antoine Sirinelli) and one more unicode bug (thanks to Thomas Klausner). Also, some more meaningful error messages were added.

Attention if you are upgrading: you should delete the old database again and resync using pycardsyncer.

Thu 08 December 2011

pyCardDAV v0.3 released

pyCardDAV v0.3 is released.

This fixes an unicode bug and has a lot of internal changes

Attention pc-query has been renamed to pc_query, make sure to delete the old database, also the config file format has somewhat changed

Mon 10 October 2011

pyCardDAV v0.2.1

pyCardDAV v0.2.1 is now released.

This fixes a minor bug in the example config file

Wed 14 September 2011

pyCardDAV v0.2 released

pyCardDAV v0.2 is now released. New Config files are now supported.

Tue 13 September 2011

pyCardDAV moved to github

pyCardDAV moved to github. Feel free to fork etc.

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