pyCardDAV v0.4 released

Thu 15 November 2012

pyCardDAV v0.4 is released. This is a mayor rewrite (again), so some previously fixed bugs might be back in. If your upgrading, you should delete your database file first.

Update fixed the downlaod link.

On the plus side, there are some new features in pyCardDAV:

  • New experimental write support in the backend
  • New import & export vCards
  • New import addresses directly from mutt
  • New speed increase in (initial) sync due to switching from pycurl to requests
  • New detects removed cards on server and delete them locally
  • New can delete cards locally and then on server

Also the license has changed to MIT/Expat, see the COPYING file for details (but a beer is still appreciated).

PyCurl is not required anymore, pyCardDAV relies on requests now (which needs to be installed).

Special thanks to David Soulayrol who made a lot of this happen.

Attention please make sure you have a backup when you enable write support, see Usage for more details.