Status Update Spring 2012

Thu 19 April 2012

Write support is still not finished, some other tasks used up most of my time (mostly work). But while it's not finished yet, editing and uploading cards is working pretty well for me at the moment. So, in case someone wants to test write support, I have set up a new branch called beta into which I will pull versions that have no (major) known bugs. You can check out this branch as follows:

git clone -b beta

If you stumble upon any bugs not mentioned in todo.rst, please let me now. Please backup your data BEFORE testing any of this!

But while I didn't finish write support, I created a new website for pyCardDAV, with the help of pelican and bootstrap. The new site features an atom feed for all news regarding pyCardDAV and one that only informs about new releases.

Also pycarddav's URL has changed (but the old download links will continue to work). SSL is now available, too.