pyCardDAV v0.6.0 released

Mon 25 November 2013

pyCardDAV v0.6.0 has been released. This is mostly bugfix release (thanks to Jamie McClelland for fixing two bugs), but also introduces keyring support (thanks to Steven Allen). Have a look at the README for further information on keyring support.

Also new are man pages for pycardsyncer, pc_query and pycard-import which you might want to distribute if you are a package maintainer. Please also report any bugs you find there (including, but not limited to unclear wording, spelling and grammatical errors or "not doing it the right way").

As usual I didn't have time to implement any of the planned features for pyCardDAV (and as you can see most work was done by others) as khal has taken most of the free programming time I had.

Update Since I forgot to include those man pages in the release, I have just released a new version v0.6.1 that should include the man pages in doc/man/.